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At Sapphire and Sage we pride ourselves in creating the most magnificent and exquisite parties filled with magic and joy.

Taking you through the realm of imagination with no limits, every party is unique and spectacular.

No party too big, no idea too small – we can run with anything.

Creating your vision and bringing it to life, is what we do best… with a little extra magic sprinkled on top.

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What we do

It all starts with a conversation and getting to know a little bit about you and who the party is for.

We take you through my step-by-step process so we can come up with the theme and come up with what you’d like.

We create vision boards based on what was discussed and present ideas and the outline of the party.

You sign off that you’re happy and we get to work.

You sit back and relax whilst our team get to work to make this magical production come together.

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What the party goers say:

“No stone left unturned”

“It’s the element of surprise for me. Always taking my breathe away”

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